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About Appotronics
Automotive Optics
Appotronics’ automotive products are focusing on smart cockpit, AR-HUD, and smart laser head lights.
Professional Display Optics
Appotronics will provide customers with the overall solution to laser display and high quality
system services
By the end of December 2023, ALPD® laser light sources have been adopted in over 37,000 cinema
halls and 7,000+ cinemas globally.
Home Theater ODM
Appotronics released a self-developed AR optical module, which is the first AR optical module with 10000 PPI worldwide.
Based on original SPD (super pixel density) technology, realizing 10000 PPI, 720p resolution, 40°FOV and power consumption
less than 200mW within a volume of 0.5 cubic centimeter.
2021 Environmental,Social and Governance (ESG)Report of Appotronics
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